21 Fun Birthday Activities for Adults Based on Interests (2024)

Are you looking for creative and exciting ways to celebrate your birthday as an adult? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of unique birthday party ideas for all types of personalities and interests. Whether you prefer a low-key gathering or a big bash, these birthday activities are sure to make your special day one to remember.

Birthday Party Ideas for Music Lovers

For those who are passionate about music, these ideas are sure to hit the right note. Guests can enjoy a variety of music-themed activities that celebrate their love for music and provide a fun and memorable birthday celebration.

🎧 Silent Disco

Silent discos are a unique and interactive way to enjoy music with friends. Each guest wears wireless headphones and can tune in to different music channels, allowing everyone to dance to their own beat. This is a fun and engaging experience that will keep the party going all night long.

For a DIY silent disco, create playlists on your music streamer of choice for guests to choose from. Then, provide or ask guests to bring their own noise-canceling headphones. If you want a more streamlined experience, search for local DJs or companies with silent disco setups to handle everything for you.

💃 Dance Class

Learning some new moves is a fun and energetic birthday party idea for those who love grooving to their favorite tunes. From hip hop to salsa dancing, there are all kinds of fun routines to try and master. And even if you don’t master them, you’re sure to have a lot of laughs along the way.

Have your guests meet at a studio, or hire a dance instructor to come to you. Let them teach you some basic steps, and then you can go out and put those new skills to the test on the dance floor. Dancing is a great way to celebrate with friends and make lifelong memories.

🎶 House Concert

Concerts have always been a great way to make memories with loved ones, so it’s a perfect birthday activity for adults who love music. Rather than going out to enjoy a show with the masses, host a house concert for an intimate and memorable birthday celebration.

Clear a performance space, set up cozy seating around it, and hire a local musician or band to create a personal and exclusive concert experience for you and your guests. Because of the limited space, stick with a small acoustic band or a solo singing guitarist with a repertoire of original and cover songs.

Birthday Party Ideas for Creatives

If you’re the artistic and imaginative type, try one of these more hands-on adult birthday party ideas. Guests can work on their creativity and self-expression with personalized creations they can take home with them.

✂️ Crafting Party

While doing arts and crafts together is a popular option for children’s parties, it’s also a great birthday activity for adults—especially if the birthday person and their crowd are filled with creative and talented individuals. Everyone gets to make their own party favor to remember the event by!

Consider interests and skill levels when choosing what to craft. You can scrapbook together, host a crochet or knitting night, or make jewelry. Friendship bracelets are low-cost and easy to make, so they are a great option. And Taylor Swift-approved!

🔨 DIY Night

Take that simple craft party to the next level with a bigger DIY project. This birthday party idea is for more experienced DIYers—the ones who are always creating their own home decor or furniture. This activity may be best suited for a smaller gathering to save cost on supplies and keep everyone engaged.

There are a couple of ways to organize a group DIY night. You can find small individual DIY projects, like building a piece of home decor that each person can personalize to themselves. Or, if the birthday person has a big project they want to tackle, grab some pizza and make it a party with everyone lending a hand!

🖌️ Painting Party

If art is more your creative lane, then a painting party is a great birthday party idea. Paint-and-sip events are becoming increasingly popular for all types of gatherings because they give guests a creative and social activity to engage in.

You can probably find a local studio that hosts these types of events and try to reserve enough spots for your whole group. If you have the space and want a more intimate experience, hire a painting party professional who will come to you and provide instruction to your party guests.

Birthday Party Ideas for Foodies

These ideas are perfect birthday activities for adults who love nothing more than sharing time with loved ones over a delicious meal. Whether that means everyone brings their own dishes or learns a new recipe together, this birthday gathering will be great for your heart and your taste buds.

🍝 Pasta Party

Pasta parties have been around for a while, but not many people are familiar with them. They’re a pretty simple concept: Each guest brings a unique pasta dish of their choosing. To avoid doubles, you might want to create a shared document or group chat with the attendees to say what they’re making!

On party night, lay out your wide selection of pasta dishes and let everyone dig in. A pasta party gives everyone the opportunity to try new things and share recipes with each other, enjoy a communal meal, and celebrate a birthday together.

🧑‍🍳 Cooking Class

For those who love to cook and improve their culinary skills, a little lesson in the art could be a great birthday activity for adults. Assuming you have the kitchen space, hire a personal chef to lead your guests in a hands-on demonstration. Or, book spots at a local cooking class and make it a birthday outing.

When choosing a dish to learn, consider the recipe’s complexity, your guests’ skill level, and the cost of ingredients. But you also want to choose something the birthday person will love. Think about preferred types of cuisines or even something from a favorite restaurant.

🚚 Food Truck Festival

This adult birthday party idea is for a bigger celebration. Arrange a variety of food trucks to set up shop at your party venue or a local park to create a mini food truck festival. Guests can sample different cuisines and enjoy a variety of dishes, making it a fun and delicious birthday bash.

Hire strolling entertainment to mix with the guests and keep them engaged before and after they eat. This will add to the vibrant festival atmosphere. You could have stilt walkers, jugglers, or other fire performers for a truly memorable birthday.

Birthday Party Ideas for Drink Connoisseurs

If you love grabbing a drink after work or going out for coffee with friends, then these are the perfect adult birthday party ideas for you. From wine to tea, there’s a fine beverage for every taste that you can build your birthday celebration around.

🍸 DIY co*cktail Bar

Mix up some delicious drinks from the other side of the bar. Provide a variety of liquors, mixers, and garnishes, and let the creativity begin. This fun and interactive birthday activity will give your guests the chance to play bartender as they enjoy the celebration.

Print small recipe cards of fun and unique themed drinks to give your guests a little co*cktail-crafting help. Print enough so they can take home the ones they love the most! Or, better yet, hire a bartender to give a tutorial on proper shaking, mixing, and pouring techniques.

🍷 Wine Tasting

Visiting a local winery is a great adult birthday party idea, but you could also host your own wine tasting right at home. There are many wines to choose from, and a lot you can learn about each, making this birthday celebration the perfect opportunity to expand your wine knowledge and palate.

Provide an assortment of wines and glasses — different types of wine should be poured into different glasses! Print out some educational material so guests can learn about different varietals and tasting techniques for the full experience. Don’t forget to add some light snacks for the perfect pairings.

🫖 Coffee or Tea Party

If alcohol isn’t your thing, focus on daytime beverages for your birthday party. You can create your own coffee bar with a variety of syrups and toppings and see what people come up with. Or, have a sophisticated tea party complete with an assortment of teas, sandwiches, and pastries.

This is a birthday activity for adults who want a more laid-back gathering on their special day. It’d be perfect for a birthday brunch with close friends and family. Center it around a party theme like Alice in Wonderland or Bridgerton for a celebration personalized to your interests.

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Birthday Party Ideas for Gamers

Plan a night of fun and friendly competition with these birthday activities for adults. Guests can enjoy a variety of party games that cater to their love for gaming and provide a memorable birthday celebration.

🎲 Game Night

Games aren’t just for kids! Planning a night filled with fun and games is a great adult birthday party idea. This is the perfect opportunity to spend time with friends and have a laid-back birthday celebration everyone will enjoy. Don’t forget to provide food and drinks for a relaxed gaming experience.

There are plenty of games to choose from that are great for small or large groups. Find competitive or cooperative board games for adults, or try funny card games to get some laughs. You could even play video games like Mario Party or Jackbox TV, a party favorite among the GigSalad team.

🔐 Escape Room Challenge

For a thrilling and immersive birthday celebration, consider hosting an escape room challenge. Guests can work together to solve puzzles and uncover clues to escape the room within a set time limit. It’ll be a fun and challenging activity that will test their problem-solving skills and provide an exciting birthday adventure.

Find a local escape room and book a time for a group outing. If you’d rather stay at home, organize your own DIY escape room or see if you can find a mobile escape game that could come to you. Hosting your own would give you the opportunity to personalize the experience.

🔪 Murder Mystery Dinner

If your birthday crowd consists of gamers who enjoy taking on a character and fully immersing themselves in a story, a murder mystery party would be a great birthday party idea. They can work together to solve the mystery and uncover the culprit.

There are plenty of ways to host a murder mystery dinner. You can write it yourself, buy a game in a box, or hire a local murder mystery company who will plan everything for you, customize the story, and even provide some actors if you want.

Birthday Party Ideas for Revelers

If you and your friends are the type to spend every Friday and Saturday night out on the town, then you need a birthday activity that matches that energy! Keep your celebration more intimate, but still cater to that love for socializing and having a good time.

👯 Costume Party

Every partier loves having an excuse to dress up, which makes a themed costume party a cool birthday activity for adults. Choose a fun theme, and tell your guests well in advance so they have time to find the perfect outfit. You could go retro with a flashback to a specific decade or perfectly pink for a Barbie bash.

Host your costume party at home or rent space at a local venue. Go all out with decorations that match your theme. Don’t forget to create a selfie space or set up a photo booth so guests can capture their icon looks. Then add some live music so they can hit the dance floor!

🎰 Casino Night

If a weekend in Vegas isn’t in the cards, create a casino night right at home for an epic birthday celebration. Set up casino games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette and provide guests with play money to gamble with. Find a local casino rental company to help if you need it.

To enhance the Las Vegas experience, hire additional performers, such as a strolling magician or an Elvis impersonator, to move around your faux casino floor and create a more engaging experience for guests in between casino games.

😆 Comedy Club

Nothing is better than laughter, so a night at the comedy club is a great birthday activity for adults. Or, even better yet, host your own comedy night! Hire a stand-up comedian who can personalize their set to touch on topics of interest to the birthday person.

If you and your friends have thick skin, you could even turn it into a roast. Book a roast master and give them info that allows them to poke fun at the guest of honor and the rest of the audience. It’ll be a truly unforgettable way to celebrate a birthday with a good dose of humor.

Birthday Party Ideas for Homebodies

Not every birthday person wants a raging party or a night out on the town. Sometimes a small gathering at home is the perfect way to celebrate. Choose cozy and relaxed birthday activities for adults that can be enjoyed without leaving the house.

🎥 Backyard Movie Night

Host a backyard movie night to allow guests to enjoy a movie under the stars. Grab some cozy blankets, pop some popcorn, and set up an outdoor screen and projector for a movie marathon of the birthday person’s favorite films or new releases from their preferred genre.

Add some additional birthday activities by quizzing people with trivia about the films their watching or general movie knowledge. Or, create Bingo cards featuring themes and moments from the movies for guests to play along as they watch.

💆 Spa Day

If you’re looking for relaxing adult birthday party ideas, you can’t go wrong with a spa day. Give your guests the opportunity to pamper themselves with massages, facials, manicures, and pedicures. This is perfect for daytime celebrations or adult slumber parties!

Set up a serene environment for everyone to unwind in. You can purchase products for self-pampering or bring in professionals. Find a massage therapist who does at-home party visits or a mobile spa to come in and do various spa treatments.

📖 Book Club

More and more people are joining the book community, whether it’s through social media or local book clubs. If the guest of honor is a lover of reading, then a book birthday party is the perfect idea. Gather all your reader friends to host your own variation of a book club meeting.

Skip the classic book club formula in favor of a general book discussion or even quiet reading time together. Choose a theme based on the guest of honor’s favorite book or genre and organize food and drinks, as well as trivia or games that go with it.

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The best adult birthday party ideas are personalized to the tastes and preferences of the birthday person. Consider favorite pastimes and common interests with friend groups when choosing the perfect birthday activities for adult celebrations. Cheers to another year around the sun! 🎉

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