32 of the best Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends 2022 (2024)

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a present for your boyfriend, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ve picked out a number of great gift options for the special guy in your life - we cover everything from alcohol, tech, creative and cheap options.


After last year’s lockdown Valentines, we know that lots of couples out there will want to celebrate with more of a, well, bang in 2022.

But guys can be notoriously difficult to buy for - and if you’re feeling bad about how uninspired you’re feeling, don’t worry: you’re not the only person not sure what to get for their boyfriend.

In this article, we’ve put together a pick of top Valentine’s presents for boyfriends, and we’ve got all sorts of products and prices listed - we’re sure you’ll find something for your fella here.

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Get the Beer Hawk Belgian Beer case for 10% less

We've included this case of 15 beers in this article as a fun, boozy choice of gift for your boyfriend this Valentine's Day - and it's just been reduced ahead of the big day.

BeerHawk Belgian Mixed Beer Case, £31.50 (save £3.50) - buy from BeerHawk

Alcohol Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend

A nice, boozy gift rarely goes unappreciated - especially if it’s something extra-special.

Whether your guy is into grapes, grains or liquors, we’re sure you’ll find a Valentine's gift that’s right for him in our round-up below.

1. VonShef Parisian Green & Brushed Gold co*cktail Set


If your boyfriend is partial to a co*cktail, why not buy him this brushed gold set from Von Shef for Valentine's?

Featuring a shaker, pourer, jigger, muddler and strainer, it will set him up with everything needed for a Valentine's tipple.

2. Tapatio Blanco Tequila


A bottle of spirit makes for a slightly naughty choice of Valentine's gift - and it's one that the two of you can enjoy together.

This bottle of tequila comes out of the Mexican state of Jalisco, which is famed for producing the full-bodied beverage. Get your lime and salt at the ready!

3. BeerHawk Belgian Mixed Beer Case


For something a little more mellow, how about a selection of beers from BeerHawk?

This pick of Belgian bottle, featuring some heavier witbiers, is a great choice for the chilly month of February.

4. Pour & Sip Whisky Subscription


Who wouldn't say no to a subscription that delivers regular samples of whiskies to your door?

Treat your boyfriend to a subscription from Pour & Sip, which you can purchase on a 3-month, 6-month or one-year basis.

5. BrewDog Punk IPA Beer Making Kit


If your boyfriend has mentioned home-brewing before, this beer-making kit from BrewDog is a simple, affordable option.

It contains everything required to make 7 pints of the brewer's famed Punk IPA... as well as a refill kit, should your boyfriend want to make more.

Unique Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend

There’s nothing nicer than being given a gift that’s personalised and completely unique in some way.

In this section, we’ve put together a selection of gifts that can be personalised - whether it’s with your boyfriend’s initials or a nice message, we’re sure he’ll absolutely love your choice.

1. Football Shirts On Pitch Couples Print


Behind every great relationship is some great teamwork - and to celebrate yours, treat your boyfriend to one of these football shirt prints.

You can put your surnames on either shirt and mark the date since you've been a truly winning team.

2. Wild Origin Personalised Tan Leather Wallet


A wallet always makes for a nice choice of gift for a guy - and we particularly like this svelte, tan-leather option from Wild Origin.

Better still, you can get his initials - or indeed anything - embossed on the front.

3. 'Our Song' Personalised Vinyl Record Keyring


Here's a very sweet and sentimental choice of Valentine's gift for your boyfriend.

Take the song that means the most to the two of you and get it made into a mini vinyl record keyring - it will be a constant reminder of some lovely shared moments that he can carry in his pocket.

4. Personalised ‘I Pick You’ Plectrum


If your boyfriend's a keen guitarist, or considering starting to learn, then a personalised plectrum is the perfect way of showing your support.

You can get any message of choice engraved on it - though we'd avoid the cheesy pun used as an example above.

5. Personalised Marvel Infinity Saga Collection Storybook


Is your boyfriend a keen Marvel aficionado?

Then this storybook of the Avengers' Infinity Saga is the perfect Valentine's gift - especially as you can get the front cover dedicated to him.

6. Personalised Vintage Leather Wash Bag


We love this vintage-style wash bag, which comes with a side strap that can be personalised with your man's initials.

Put some extra gifts inside - a fragrance, some skincare or grooming products - and this makes for a practical Valentine's gift that he will no doubt appreciate.

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Creative Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend

If you want to dodge the sappy cliches this year, why not treat your man to something more left-field in 2022?

We’ve picked out a number of quirky and unusual gift ideas that offer a great surprise option for your boyfriend.

1. Hairy Bikers Double Deep Fill Pie Maker


We'd argue that among the more unusual choices of Valentine's gift for your boyfriend, is a pie-maker.

But if you're both fond of them, then this double option from the Hairy Bikers is a superb option.

2. Own An Acre Of The Moon


This is an incredibly daft gift, but a great one if your boyfriend is the type who likes to stare up at the sky.

With this gift, he can call a whole acre of the moon of his own - hey, maybe it's something your great-grandkids will get to visit?

3. Grow Your Own Bonsai Tree


This is a nice option if your boyfriend is more of the horticultural type.

Inside this pack is everything he'll need to grow, design and maintain his very own bonsai tree.

4. Gereton Beer Can Jacket


We couldn't resist this cute little beer can jackets, and if your boyfriend has a habit of drinking straight from the can, so will he.

These little jackets from Gereton come in a range of colours and designs, and will keep his lagers colder for longer.

5. Audible Membership


Maybe your boyfriend loves books, but like so many people struggles to find time to read.

If so, an Audible subscription is a great solution, and a great choice of Valentine's gift - and it also comes with a 30-day free trial period.

Tech Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend

If your boyfriend is into gadgets, devices and other electronics, you’ll find a number of great choices out there - and many of them are hugely affordable but high-quality with it.

Take our look at our suggestions below.

1. Honor Band 6 Smart Watch


If your boyfriend is a fitness fan - or at the beginning of a post-Christmas health kick - then a fitness tracker is a great choice of Valentine's gift.

You can get some hugely capable options for less than £50, such as this one from Honor. It will relay stats like heartrate, and be synced to a phone where you can track your progress.

2. Apple AirTag


These little gadgets from Apple are an excellent choice of Valentine's gift for a boyfriend who's, well, a tad forgetful.

Slip an AirTag into valuable items like a wallet or backpack, and they can be easily tracked down should they go AWOL.

3. Nintendo Switch OLED


Is your boyfriend a gaming fan? Then the second-generation version of the Nintendo Switch will be the perfect present.

Unlike consoles such as the PS5 and Xbox One, there aren't any online stock issues - and at £309, it's considerably cheaper.

4. Akaso EK7000 Pro 4K Action Camera


If your guy is sporty, outdoory or adventurous, he'll love an action camera for Valentine's Day.

Will big-name choices like the GoPro line can cost in the hundreds, this option from Akaso is far more affordable, but still of decent quality - it will deliver 4K video footage and is waterproof too.

5. Pixlplay Smartphone Chest Mount


A similar, but much cheaper option is this chest mount, which can effectively turn a smartphone into an action camera.

We're calling this a particularly good choice of Valentine's gift for cyclists.

First Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend

What to get your other half for your very first Valentine’s together?

This is always a conundrum - but if you’re starting to panic, fear not: we’ve got you covered with a variety of different options below.

1. co*cktail Making Classes from Red Letter Days


If it's your very first Valentine's with your boyfriend, why not get an exciting date lined up in the form of a co*cktail-making class?

It's the perfect opportunity to do something fun together - and enjoy a drink or two along the way.

2. Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum


If you'd like to lavish your boyfriend a little on your first ever Valentine's, you honestly can't go wrong with a well-chosen fragrance.

Selfridges stocks a substantial line, and one of our favourites has to be Dior Sauvage.

3. Hugo Boss Square Brass Cufflinks


Another class choice of Valentine's present is a set of cufflinks.

This set from Hugo Boss have an understated elegance, and are a great choice if your boyfriend regularly dresses smartly, or has some formal events coming up.

4. Instax Mini 11 Camera


Although Polaroid's heyday is long gone, instant cameras have enjoyed a little boom in recent years due to their fun, vintage-style immediacy.

Gift your boyfriend this camera from Instax for Valentine's, and the two of you can celebrate the day with photos that can instantly be pinned to the wall.

5. Sex Snap: A Card Game


Okay, it's your first Valentine's - so how about treating your boyfriend to something a bit raunchy?

This card game is marketed as one for 'unashamed adults' and, well... we'll leave you to go through the rules.

6. Burgundy and Navy Tartan Cashmink Scarf


Generally, it's pretty chilly in February and therefore a scarf makes a pretty thoughtful gift.

Wrap your new fella up warm with this stylish tartan number from T.M.Lewin, which is currently half price at £35.

7. Valentine's Dim Sum Date Box


Why not treat yourself and your new beau to a special meal at home for your first Valentine's together?

This limited edition Valentine's box from Mai Dim Sum comes with 10 different dumplings, shui mai and bao buns. The rose leaf bao are a particular highlight.

Cheap Valentine’s gifts for boyfriend

Hey, thrifty doesn’t mean unromantic: if you’re still feeling the post-festive pinch, then there are plenty of affordable gift options out there.

Below, you’ll find all sorts of lovely Valentine’s gift ideas for your boyfriend - none of which will break the bank.

1. Star Wars Wooden Music Box


This little musical box costs little, but will delight your boyfriend if he's a Star Wars fan.

We love the jedi design on the front - it makes from a great addition to a shelf of movie memorabilia.

2. Box of Favours

This tongue-in-cheek Valentine's gift contains five 'favour' cards and a contract that you can you sign to fulfil your promises.

This is a fun choice for longer-term couples - and we think it's romantic in its own way.

3. Embroidery Hot Dog Socks


Socks might not seem like the most fun of Valentine's gifts - but this fun, bright, jolly pair are bound to put a smile on your boyfriend's face.

Check out the wider line from Happy Socks, there are some great choices and many are under £10.

4. Urban Apothecary London Oriental Noir Mini Candle


A scented candle is a lovely choice of affordable gift, and perfect if you're treating your boyfriend on a budget this Valentine's.

This mini-candle from Urban Apothecary contains notes of white orchid, lily, cloves and nutmeg.

5. Patch Parlour Palm


A houseplant is a very easy, and very affordable way to make any space feel more inviting and homely - and Patch's line of Parlour Palm plans start at just £7.50.

What is a good Valentine’s present for my boyfriend?

This can be a tough one.

While there are lots of obvious options on the market for wives and girlfriends - flowers, beauty, lingerie - it’s a lot harder to know where to start with men.

But here are some pointers to keep in mind.

Think about what your boyfriend likes, whether that’s related to his hobbies, passions or sports team.

Failing that, think about what he needs, but is unlikely to treat himself to - something like a nice fragrance or some skincare, perhaps.

What should I gift my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

There are no rules on what to treat your boyfriend to on February 14 - but if it’s something that has him and his personality in mind, all the better.

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry: a gift that’s only expensive for its own sake won’t mean nearly as much as one that’s cheaper but has had lots of thought put into it.

Even a simple but lovely meal cooked for the two of you will show him that you care.

Our advice? Consult the list above.

What do you get your boyfriend for the first Valentine’s Day?

The pressure’s always on when it comes to gifts on your very first Valentine’s Day together - that's why we’ve dedicated an entire section to it above.

Maybe you’ve been together for almost a year; maybe it’s just been a few passionate weeks, but if you’re hoping this relationship lasts the course, it’s always a wise idea to make a good impression on February 14.

Something fun you could do together, like a co*cktail-making class or a night at the theatre.

How can I surprise my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day?

One way is to surprise him a date night of your choice - something glamorous like an upscale restaurant or co*cktail bar. You could even book a hotel for the night.

You can ask him to dress smartly - but don't tell him why.

If you have an outfit you know he likes, or a way of styling your hair he finds attractive, you can surprise him with them too.

You can even surprise him a pair of surprise airline tickets for a weekend break overseas.

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32 of the best Valentine’s gifts for boyfriends 2022 (2024)
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