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Reviewed: 3/21/2024

Degree: Criminal Justice

Not sure where some of these reviewers get their information. I'm currently attending and can tell you that my classes are not only taught by PhD level accredited professors they are very relevant. The classes use some of the same equipment that FLET-C uses to train federal agents (I'm a former instructor) and we have attended real capital cases in court. We also have been to actual jails to gain real life experience. We are taught advanced subjects like report writing, investigations and juvenile... Read More

Carmen M

Reviewed: 1/5/2024

Degree: Psychology

I made the biggest mistake of my life when decided to join this school. Not only the quality of the education is falling apart but the school is all about collecting money. Needless to say that I got sick towards the end of the semester and they charged me for the whole semester. The financial aid counselor is very rude and wasn't willing to understand my predicament. The first semester the professor never showed his face and he was also very ego not wiling to reason over any topic. Overall, I would... Read More

Chris Boutros

Reviewed: 9/23/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

I have wasted my money and have not gained any skills. I can’t find a job this school ruined my life, I will be graduating without any skill set and will have no job prospects. The curriculum is standard it is a total waste of money. Good thing my parents paid


Reviewed: 9/13/2023

Degree: Business Administration

Keiser University is an amazing school. I enjoy the small class sizes, excellent professors, and one month class. They live up to their student first motto. I have recommended Keiser University to my friends and family and they are attending or have graduated from Keiser. I'm already looking into pursuing my Bachelor's degree since nothing compares to the value of this school.


This school is only interested in collecting your money - you better be sure you want it because they will make you pay for classes you did not even take! They mix it up and don’t keep a well defined trail of your finances. Everyone I know in class was confused about their payments. Beware of what you are buying into!


Reviewed: 8/8/2023


They give you the runaround with financial aid. They are not honest with the costs and if you drop anything before you finished, you’re still charged! Beware! They just want your money! Their online schedule of payments don’t add up and they just tell you “to ignore it “. Until the end!

Angela Rempe

Reviewed: 6/28/2023

Degree: Medical Assistant

Where do I begin... Lets start with the Administration. I went in to talk and possibly enroll back in 2012. The Administrator (I don't remember her name) asked me what major I wanted to enroll into. I went in with the intentions in Forensic Science. I told her my plains and that I was a mom to 3 and my plains to marry the next year. She then spoke to me about how long it takes to get a degree like that. Then she showed me their medical assistant program. she told me about how soon I could have a... Read More


Reviewed: 6/18/2023

Degree: Curriculum & Instruction

Things started off okay in my PhD program, then I went to residency and met some of the worst professors I’ve ever met in my entire life. Trying to treat us like we’re middle schoolers or something when we’re in our 40’s. I took a brief hiatus for health reasons and I came back to the same professor teaching MULTIPLE classes who refused to acknowledge my ADA on file and continually tries to give me F’s on my papers when I’ve always been an A student. What are her motivations for this? I’ve filed... Read More

Teresa Liverett

Reviewed: 4/21/2023

Degree: Psychology

From the beginning, I have been struggling to get help or clear feedback. Each professor wants something different. I have been struggling with covid and other health issues. I reach out to my advisor with late replies or no replies at all. I discussed my health issue with her. I started to do better when covid improved and recovering from other health issues. Because my writing improved I am accused of cheating. One professor taught me how to format discussions, but it's not how another wants and... Read More


Reviewed: 4/15/2023

Degree: Psychology

These people want to try to pretend be your friend so they to take your money. The quality of education is horrific and the incompetence of the teachers even more so. If you have to go to Kaiser just take the courses online because literally they're just reusing the online courses for in-person classes which makes no sense. However,, you really should just go to the community college because it's much cheaper and the quality of education is much better compared to this diploma mill.


Reviewed: 3/17/2023

Degree: Accounting

Loved the help and support I got from the faculty and staff alike. Classes were challenging and they made me study and push myself harder, hence appreciated the knowledge I got. My professors were knowledgeable and very approachable. No school will give you a degree just for existing, so you need to actually do the work. While the journey might be hard, the destination is worthy!


Reviewed: 10/6/2022

Degree: Accelerated BSN

The Orlando campus is extremely unorganized, things such as class schedule or clinical site often get switched the night before. Administration does not do there job, they wait until the last possible minute to do anything and by then it is too late. I’ve had delays in receiving my financial aid money because the school did not file the proper paperwork for almost a month after it should have been done. Overall my entire experience so far has been extremely negative. The only thing this school has... Read More

Jen Scott

Reviewed: 8/9/2022

Degree: Business Administration

If you are considering attending this school, I seriously urge you to rethink your decision and NOT do it! This school should be shut down as there are several egregious practices that they seem to routinely engage in. First of all, it is my understanding that colleges/universities are supposed to operate with honesty, integrity, and transparency when it comes to enrolling students into programs. However, my experience with admissions representatives at Keiser University was the exact opposite. First,... Read More


Reviewed: 6/27/2022

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

Horrible experience would not recommend nobody to attend this school. I found the classes so intense. I needed counseling after attending this program and have changed major after. I can honestly say no wonder are health care department are some of the most heartless people after witnessing firsthand how people are taught here.


Reviewed: 3/3/2022

Degree: Medical Assistant

Kaiser is horrible don't go here they add random classes to your schedule so you end up paying more or they randomly make you retake classes that you originally passed but then they say you didn't and change your graduation date. They are only looking for money not your best interest into getting you into your career.


Reviewed: 3/1/2022

Degree: Nursing

Where do I even begin, they make you take pre reqs to only deny you before even starting the program, super disorganized and ruthless. This is for the Miami campus, don’t even waste your time, money hungry and loose files along the way. You know how frustrating it is to call and they are completely clueless ? Make you take 4 pre reqs and pay out of pocket to be like sorry you are denied into the program.


Reviewed: 2/26/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

DO NOT GO TO KEISER UNIVERSITY!!!! They only care about you before they take your money, they are complete money grabbers. It costs an absolute fortune to attend the university, you’d expect the quality of teaching, the dorms, the food etc to be exceptional, but it’s everything but that. They give out FINES just to profit off you. For example, if you lock yourself out of your room, a simple mistake that anyone can make, they will charge you $10. If you step foot into a friends dorm, it’s an instant... Read More


Reviewed: 12/15/2021

Degree: Nursing

Attending this school is the worst decision I’ve made in my life. I would like to know what’s the official percentage of students that pass the program. In my pharmacology class I had 100s up until the final, THE ENTIRE CLASS failed the final. In my other class only 8 kids passed out of 24, and this is only the first semester. And no it’s not because the students don’t try and don’t study. I’ve studied 5-6 hours everyday, would meet with my study group a few times per week, stayed in the library... Read More

Marcela Gromatzky

Reviewed: 10/18/2021

Degree: Nursing

As an international student, I would say: go there, they will help you with the documentation needed. I had amazing teachers, counselors and structure. It was a very good experience, I'm coming back soon! I will be forever grateful for how this university helped me.


Reviewed: 7/6/2021

Degree: Nursing

I graduated in Sept. '20 with my ASN and returned for the Rn-Bsn. Dedication is required for the ASN program & I enjoyed a majority of my teachers thus far. Private school = $$ but I loved how fast the prereqs went & am enjoying my career as a confident RN ♡

Keiser University Reviews (2024)
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