Taylor Swift Party Ideas: Eras Scavenger Hunt for Kids (2024)

Are you ready to shake it off and celebrate like never before? If your child is a Swiftie at heart, then why not dive into the magical world of Taylor Swift’s Eras for their next birthday bash?

Picture this: a day filled with laughter, music, and a scavenger hunt that takes them through the iconic moments of Taylor’s career. Let me walk you through creating a Taylor Swift Eras Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party that every kid (and parent) will remember forever.

Check out these fun Taylor Swift party ideas for kids!

Planning a Taylor Swift Party for Adults? Check out this post instead! Including different printables, adult friendly activities and a Lavender Haze co*cktail recipe.

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Setting the Stage

Transform your home into a Swiftie paradise with themed activity stations, each representing a beloved Taylor Swift era. From the dreamy pastels of “Lover” to the moody blues of “Midnights,” your space will become a vibrant homage to Taylor’s journey.

Here’s a quick breakdown of how to set up your Swift-themed stations:

  • Midnights Corner: A cozy nook adorned in dark blue sparkles, perfect for crafting friendship bracelets, later transforming into a glittering dance party.
  • Lover Slime Table: Set up outdoors, this station is all about the messy aftermath of love, complete with rainbow decor and the chance to get hands-on with some colorful slime.
  • Reputation Tattoos: In the kitchen or pantry, create a mysterious vibe with black and red snake decor, where temporary tattoos meet edgy vibes.
  • 1989 Dance Party: Near the TV, set up a space where kids can shake it off with microphones, karaoke, and light blue sequins.
  • Red Makeup Station: By a mirror or in the bathroom, invite partygoers to indulge in bold red lips and sparkly makeup, surrounded by Red Album decor.
  • Fairy Hair near Bookshelves: With Speak Now purple decor, this enchanting spot is where every lock tells a tale, and fairy hair becomes the crown of the day.
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The Scavenger Hunt Unfolds

Lead your little guests on an adventure with clues inspired by Taylor’s lyrics and album themes. Each riddle guides them to the next activity, blending the excitement of discovery with the joy of celebration.

Here are the clues (and don’t forget to download a PDF of them to print off at the end of this post).

Friendship Bracelets (Midnights)

“In a corner where friendships bloom like MIDNIGHTS’ glow, find a treasure trove where threads and colors flow. Where beads are bejeweled and dreams take flight, make the whole place shimmer, crafting friendship just right.”

Set up a table in a “corner” somewhere with Midnights decor (dark blue sparkles)

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Slime (Lover)

In the afterglow where love went astray, venture outside where remnants of a messy breakup lay. Taylor’s lyrics don’t mince, in this gooey sticky mix, find the aftermath of a LOVER’s messy fix.”

Set this one up outside on back pati0 (or somewhere that can get a little messy). Decorate with rainbow themed Lover decor.

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13 Tattoos (Reputation)

“Find the place where ink leaves a trace, with thirteen symbols, each holding snake-like grace. Search for a snack, Taylor’s lyrics echo here, look for a big REPUTATION and tattoos might appear.”

Place this activity in the kitchen with Black/Red and Snake Decor

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Dance Party (1989)

“Where beats are lively, and the rhythm’s swift, a spot where 1989 dance moves uplift. Shake it off and move your feet, to the place where the music and dance party’s heart beat.”

Stage this area near a TV. Use Microphones and play karaoke videos on YouTube. Decorate with light blue and white colors.

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Makeup (RED)

“Find the spot where beauty’s bold, where RED lips and glitter will unfold. Look near a mirror, where makeup’s sweet, this is where you’ll find your first treat.”

Add a makeup station table near a bathroom door. Showcase Red Album Decor with red colors and a fun black hat if you have one.

Fairy Hair (Speak Now)

“In a realm enchanted, where whispers of ‘Speak Now’ blend, seek the spot where sparkly strands transcend. Where every lock tells a tale, in this magical affair, make the whole place sparkle with Fairy Hair.”

Use Speak Now inspired purple decor and butterflies, and set this up near a bookshelf with storybooks.

Snack Time & Birthday Wishes (Fearless)

“To celebrate with all your peers, where candles flicker, and FEARLESS birthday wishes draw near. Look where the feast and joy appear, it’s time to celebrate The Best Day with birthday cheer!”

After the hunt, gather everyone around a disco ball-adorned table for snacks and birthday cake, creating a festive atmosphere with rainbow, silver, and blue decor. It’s a moment to sing, celebrate, and enjoy the feast, embodying the fearless spirit of a true Swiftie party.

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Take-Home Treasures: Taylor Swift Party Favors

Send your guests home with favor bags filled with friendship bracelets, Taylor Swift stickers, and heart-shaped glasses, ensuring the magic of the day lingers on.

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Capturing the Memories: Taylor Swift Party Ideas

End your party on a high note with a Polaroid photo session against a themed backdrop, giving each guest a precious snapshot to treasure.

Let’s Get the Party Started!

Hosting a Taylor Swift Eras Scavenger Hunt Birthday Party is more than just a celebration; it’s an immersive journey through the melodies and stories that have touched hearts worldwide.

It’s about crafting an unforgettable experience that resonates with the whimsy, wonder, and warmth of Taylor’s music.

So, grab your glitter, cue the playlist, and get ready to create a birthday bash that’s as unique and memorable as Taylor’s incredible eras. Are you ready to make some Swiftie magic?

Download the free template for your Taylor Swift Birthday Party here!

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Taylor Swift Party Ideas: Eras Scavenger Hunt for Kids (2024)


How do you make a scavenger hunt for kids party? ›

This is the order in which to plan the kid's treasure hunt:
  1. Choose your location.
  2. Choose the treasure to hide.
  3. Decide what types of clues you want to use depending on the ages and size of the group.
  4. Decide how many teams are playing.
  5. Create and hide the clues.
  6. PLAY!

How do you play scavenger hunt ideas? ›

How To Plan Your Own Scavenger Hunt
  1. Choose your location(s) and time. ...
  2. Pick a theme. ...
  3. Create your lists and riddles. ...
  4. Hide the clues and/or objects. ...
  5. Write your riddles/clues. ...
  6. First one to solve all the clues and grab the final object/figures out the end result wins!

What are good clues for a scavenger hunt for kids? ›

Some good scavenger hunt clues for kids include:
  • If you want to eat, then take a seat! (Dining room chair)
  • One of me per day keeps the doctor away. (Apple)
  • I can't mix batter, but I can bake a cake. (Oven)
  • I come in pairs, I'm easy to lose, I go between your feet and your shoes. (Socks)
Nov 30, 2022

How do you set up a scavenger hunt with clues for kids? ›

Here's how to have a treasure hunt:
  1. Plan the hunt first. ...
  2. Draw pictures for each of the clues. ...
  3. Hide the treasure and the clues while your child is supervised somewhere else.
  4. When you're ready, tell your child it's time for the treasure hunt. ...
  5. Talk with your child about the treasure hunt.
May 9, 2023

What are good items for a scavenger hunt? ›

Field trip scavenger hunt ideas include:
  • Certain colors or shapes.
  • Items in an exhibit at the museum.
  • Items with a logo on them.
  • Specific rides at a carnival or amusem*nt park.
  • Types of animals at the zoo.
  • Vendors that sell specific food items (cotton candy, popcorn)
  • Words or letters from signs.
Aug 19, 2022

What does a scavenger hunt do for kids? ›

Scavenger hunts are stealthy teachers. As kids read the clues and make decisions on where to look, they're also honing executive functioning skills. Sequencing, organizing, and problem-solving, all wrapped up in the thrill of a game. And let's not forget the physical aspect.

How to do a cute scavenger hunt? ›

Some creative ways to make sure the scavenger hunt is super personalized include: displaying pictures of the two of you throughout the hunt, incorporating inside jokes, nicknames, and shared memories in the clues, sending them to meaningful locations for clues (like where you had your first date), or having a pet help ...

How do you make clever clues for a scavenger hunt? ›

40 best clues for your ultimate scavenger hunt
  1. You cut me on a table, but I'm never eaten. ...
  2. A band that doesn't play instruments but has plenty of styles. ( ...
  3. Everything ends with me. ...
  4. How many glasses of water can one drink on an empty stomach? ( ...
  5. I am not a lamp, but I can light up. ...
  6. I am not an organ, but I have 13 hearts.
Oct 12, 2022

How many items should be on a scavenger hunt? ›

Try to have no more than 10 items. It might also be a good idea to include a picture of the item, in case some of the players are still learning how to read. For older children, use large fonts and lots of colors, but omit the pictures. Put between 10 and 15 items on your list.

How do you create scavenger hunt clues? ›

Rebus puzzles are a fun way to create scavenger hunt clues. For example, a picture of an apple minus the picture of an ape plus a picture of an ant equals a hidden clue location in or around a plant (Apple - ape = PL + ant = PLANT). Rebus clues can be made as difficult or as easy as you wish.

How do you plan an outdoor scavenger hunt for kids? ›

Go on an Outdoor Sensory Scavenger Hunt

Create a list of items or experiences for your kids to find that appeal to each sense. For example, they might be asked to touch something rough, smell a fragrant flower, listen for a specific bird's song, and spot a hidden object.

How to do a scavenger hunt to find a present? ›

Clues should be linked to memorable places or objects throughout the house, eventually leading to the gift's hiding spot. If you have more than one gift, try hiding different presents along the way with clues that eventually lead to the most important one. Route the hunt throughout the home, and vary the hiding spots.

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